Affordable Rental Housing Program

This program has been designed to provide funds for the development of affordable rental housing in Harris County. Harris County will use funds to purchase, rehabilitate, and build affordable rental housing units for residents, as well as to replace houses that will be removed from the market through the buyout program.

Program Status
The Multifamily Housing Development Team will be overseeing contract development and conducting project management, compliance, and monitoring of construction for 16 Affordable Rental Housing projects selected to receive 2017 CDBG-DR Round One and Two funding.

How to Locate Available Units?
Individuals can find available units by visiting the Housing and Community Resource Center and/or contacting the HCCSD Development staff at (832) 927-4700 or emailing

Program Guidelines

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Magnificat – 3300 Caroline
3300 Caroline St., Houston, TX, 77004, Precinct 1
Project Type
New Construction
Quick Facts
  • Total Units: 149
  • Assisted units: 149
  • Complex:
  • On-Site Amenities:
  • Project Timeline: