Buyout Program

The Project Recovery Buyout Program assists owners whose property was damaged by the 2017 floods to relocate to areas of reduced flood risk. The program is a key part of Harris County’s plan to increase the county’s overall resilience to future flooding by buying out properties in pre-identified areas that have previously flooded.

For specific information about how the buyout areas were selected, please see the Buyout Area Determination Guide.

For Frequently Asked Questions about inspection safety during the pandemic, click here.

After buyout, these areas will be dedicated and maintained in perpetuity for a use compatible with open space, recreational or floodplain/wetlands management practices and owned by Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD).

Note: The Flood Control District also has a buyout program, but it is not the same as the Project Recovery program, and not everyone who qualifies for the HCFCD program will be eligible for the Project Recovery program.

There are two components to the Project Recovery Buyout Program. Each program provides incentives and benefits to property owners for moving out of harm’s way. To learn more, point your mouse over each program below.

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